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One step ahead to identify trends first and

create a new lifestyle, we provide

customers more than satisfaction.

Leveraging GS E&C's extensive experience and expertise in construction
gained through continuous challenges and technological innovations,
GS Elevator aims to create new value in the domestic elevator market.

We promise and commit GS Value

  • Good

  • Great

  • Great

GS Elevator, boasting optimal systems and abundant know-how, pursues customer satisfaction first. GS Elevator, a 100% subsidiary of GS E&C, seeks to provide new options to customers in accordance with the GS Group's value philosophy.

Driven by GS E&C’s continuous innovation and challenges, GS Elevator, leveraging its extensive experience, aims to introduce fresh value into the world elevator market. Ensuring heightened product quality with its in-house test tower, it provides elevators that are safe and user-friendly while staying ahead to pioneer new lifestyles. Our commitment goes beyond satisfaction, aiming to deliver experiences that exceed the expectations of customers.

As the only large company in Korean elevator industry, we will strive to contribute to local economic vitality, job creation, and collaborative partnerships, upholding a strong sense of social responsibility.

To contribute to the progress and value realization of the GS Group, we aim to supply safe and high-quality elevators in Korean elevator market, which is the world's 3rd largest, offering maintenance services that customers can trust.

Thank you.


Based on the long-term construction experience and know-how of GS E&C, GS elevator will create new value in the world.

  • Elevating Trust

    We provide the highest quality
    products and services
    through domestically produced

  • Rapid material supply thanks to domestic production and manufacturing.

    Equipped with a domestic manufacturing and production plant, we are the nation's highest-level quality control experts, increasing the reliability of our products. We produce highly reliable products and ensure prompt maintenance by always securing replacement parts to respond to emergency failures.

  • Strict safety management

    We consider customer safety our top priority. GS Elevator’s thorough safety policy from installation to operation ensures safe and reliable products.

  • Thorough quality control

    We supply the best products by increasing product reliability and verifying stability through strict quality control.

  • Elevating Experience

    We deliver a distinctive experience
    and satisfaction through a design
    that seamlessly integrates
    environment, safety, and relaxation.

  • Red Dot Design Award Winner

    Xi-Elcar was selected as a ‘Red Dot Winner’ at the Red Dot Design Award

  • Built-in antibacterial Air purification system
    (air sterilization & air purification)
  • Emergency safety button (for crime situations)
  • Antibacterial handrail
  • Elevating Lives

    We create new value
    with advanced products
    that guarantee sustainability.

  • Top-notch maintenance service

    To ensure optimal elevator operation, we guarantee maximum customer satisfaction through rigorous preventive inspections, maintenance, and comprehensive analysis. In the event of necessary repairs or replacements, we commit to supplying the required parts in the shortest time possible to minimize customer inconvenience

  • State-of-the-art remote management service
    (Scope Lift® System)

    Scope & Lift is a system designed for efficient management of elevators through real-time operational monitoring, data collection, and fault notifications. By enabling remote control and inspection of elevators, it reduces the need for on-site visits by engineers, ultimately resulting in significant savings in inspection time and costs.

  • Rapid customer response service

    We will respond quickly to any customer inquiries and be by your side.


We will leap forward as a global company that pursues innovation in a consistent manner.

  • 2020s


    Operated Dunpo factory in Asan

    Changed company name into GS Elevator (formerly Xi mechanics)

    Accredited ISO 9001/14001 certificate


    Established Xi mechanics (100% invested by GS E&C)

  • 2010s


    The first domestic construction company to enter the elevator industry

    Launched Vietnam subsidiary (VGSI) for Xi Elevator

    Selected as the 24th largest construction company in the world by ENR, a global construction magazine,

    Won the Korea Luxury Brand Grand Prize (Brand Apartment Category (13 consecutive years/Hall of Fame))

  • 2000s


    GS spin-off from LG Group and Changed company name (Formerly GS E&C)

  • 1990s


    Changed company name (Formerly LG E&C)

  • 1960s


    Founding of Lucky-Goldstar Development Co., Ltd. (formerly GS Engineering & Construction)

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