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We provide a comprehensive upgrade for all models, irrespective of age, in a short duration and at minimal cost

Enjoy Swift and
Efficient GS Elevator’s
Modernization Service.

Reduced cost and construction period compared to full-scale replacement construction (Cost savings of 25-30%, construction completed within 10 days)
Pursuing rationality and a sustainable future through management cost & energy savings
Improved customer safety by reducing breakdowns and preventing accidents
Increasing building value through optimal design and installation for each building
Providing trust and satisfaction in GS Elevator through customer-centered, safe and efficient construction management
After installation, a dedicated defect handling team ensures prompt handling of defects (partial modernization, defect handling, unification of maintenance team)


Replacing essential parts is crucial to safely and efficiently operate aging elevators.
  • Detailed safety inspection every
    3 years for elevators that have been installed for more than 15 years

  • Safe and efficient
    elevator operation

  • Reduced management costs
    such as parts replacement

* If 7 types of safety parts are not installed, operation will be suspended


We will minimize customer inconvenience through a systematic customer response process.
  • Suggestion for Customized Replacement
  • Contract Customers
  • Measurement and Design
  • Customized Products on Site
  • Installation and Inspection

Required replacement parts

According to the revised elevator inspection standards, it is necessary to enhance key safety features and
replace them with certified products that meet the manufacturer's design standards.
Required replacement parts
Safety Measures New Device Remarks
Preventing children from getting their hands caught in the landing door Preventing children's hands from getting caught in the car door Finger Jam Protector -
Brake System (Double Brake) Double Brake Included when replacing traction machine
Preventing Car’s Rising Speed Preventing Car Door Opening Rope Brake Nationally certified product (KC certified)
Automatic Rescue Operation Auto Rescue Device Electromagnetic wave certified product (EMI certified)
Hall Door Assembly (Separation Prevention Device) Safety Door Holder Nationally certified product (KC certified)
Hall Door Emergency Guide Door Hanger Required for some door guide roller materials and structures

Partial Replacement Items

Select an Item to Check the Information.
Required Replacement Items
Required Replacement Items
Traction Machine Car Top Box
Emergency Rescue Operation Device Car Door Operator Device
Control Panel Travelling Cable
Wire Rope Hall Position Indicator/Button
Optional Replacement Items
Optional Replacement Items
Deflector Pulley Hall Door Operator Device
Governor Hall Door
Governor Rope Hall Door Sill
Guide Shoe (Roller) Governor Tension Weight
Car Doors, Sills, Floors, Ceilings
Reusable Items
Reusable Items
Traction Machine Bed Counterweight
Car Frame and Fall Prevention Device Buffer
Car Guide Rail

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