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The moment you first meet GS Elevator, you will encounter new ‘space’ values.

Boasting diverse field experience and
skilled know-how,
we promise the best quality.

Domestic Production System

Having domestic manufacturing, production systems, and core technologies, we have obtained elevator safety certification in the shortest time.

Top-Level Installation Capabilities and Efficient Installation Process

Boasting rich experience, expertise, and industry-leading installation capabilities, we strictly adhere to a safe and efficient installation process.

Reliable Product Quality and Safety

Based on the design standards of GS E&C's Research Institute, we supply safe and reliable products.

Thorough Safety and Performance Testing

From quality verification to thorough safety management and inspection at all sites, we place customer safety as our top priority.

Swift Material Supply and Customer Response

From production to installation, parts supply, and maintenance, we provide a swift and comprehensive customer service.

Systematic AS

We take full responsibility for customer safety through systematic maintenance services even after installation.


We meticulously verify checkpoints at each stage before and after installation.
Before Commencement
  • Preparing to Construct
    • Check the product model and specifications
    • Review customer approved drawing
    • Review the construction scope
  • Field Trip
    • Construction cooperation and preparation
    • Check site conditions and conduct structural measurements
    • Establishing construction planning and consultation with others
  • Material Procurement
    • Traffic control around the site
    • Check for missing materials
    • Check the status of safety equipment
After Commencement
  • Installation Work
    • Safety management for each major process
    • Check and manage progress/schedules
    • Immediate response to on-site issues
  • Completion Inspection
    • In-house quality inspection
    • Completion inspection by Certified Laboratory and Inspection Body
  • Customer Delivery
    • Instructions for product use and preparation of delivery documents
    • Check for interior damage (scratches)
    • Elevator maintenance (optional) work in progress
    • Free maintenance (3 months), defect warranty (3 years)

No e-mail Collection Without Permission


Our company prohibits the unauthorized collection of email addresses posted on this website using email harvesting programs or any other technical means.
Please be aware that violation of this may lead to criminal prosecution under the Information and Communications Network Act.

Publication Date: November 21, 2023