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Real-time monitoring and remote control systems enable rapid response to these diverse situations.

Real-time remote monitoring system

Scope & Lift is GS Elevator's remote management service that can minimize customer inconvenience
by quickly responding to various situations based on real-time monitoring and remote control.
  • 1. Real-Time Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of the operating status of the elevator. Real-time remote monitoring system quickly detects emergency situations.

  • 2. Real-Time Alarming and Personnel Dispatch

    Alarm warning at the scene of an emergency allows quick response. When an alarm sounds, engineers at each site or call center directly contact passengers and dispatch a manager to ensure prompt processing and safe evacuation of passengers.

  • 3. Cloud Server

    The elevator is connected to a cloud server with a high security protocol, and the data accumulated through this cloud server analyzes elevator performance and predicts parts replacement times, providing preemptive maintenance services.

  • 4. Remote Fault Recovery

    In the event of an emergency such as a breakdown, immediate recovery is possible through remote control without an engineer visiting the site.

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